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If you are in need of professional process servers in Vancouver, then you have come to the right place. We are the go to process servers in the whole of Vancouver.


What process serving means


Process serving is also known as service of process. It is a process through which an appropriate notice of a lawsuit is given to a person (called the defendant). The process performs two critical functions: to enable the person who serves the document to notify a respondent legally and to permit the respondent to respond to the lawsuit.


How is the process serving done?


To successfully serve your papers, the process server has the responsibility of first locating the respondent. Sometimes, this can be difficult because some people who are already aware that a process server is looking for them will do all they can to avoid being served. In that case, don’t worry we would try to locate the respondent anywhere they maybe in Canada. See our Skip Trace Services.

Some process servers are trained as private investigators, so they are licensed to do everything legally possible to find the person. It is not allowed for an unauthorized person to carry out a private investigation, only trained and licensed individuals can do this.

When the person is located, the process server will complete the serving and return with proofs such as pictures or videos to let you see that your respondent has been successfully served.


The challenges you may face and why you need a professional


The challenges mostly have to do with people who try to evade the law. You need a professional there because you would not want to violate the law yourself by doing what you ought not to while serving the documents.


How much does the process of serving cost in Vancouver?


In Vancouver, the cost of process serving is between $80 and $100. It costs about $200 in total for three attempts. You also get charged extra when you need rush services such as delivering documents the very next day after you reach out or on the weekend. See more Process Serving related questions.


What are the implications of avoiding a process server?


It is not wise to avoid a process server because the law will still do what it has to. Serving a person is more like an opportunity to be aware before a lawsuit proceeds, and it’s always better than being notified when it’s too late.

Avoiding a process server just shifts the evil day forward. If, after trying to reach a respondent several times, the papers are still being avoided, the law has the power to proceed with the lawsuit.


Types of documents that a Vancouver Process Serving handles


These are the kinds of documents that our process servers handles.

Plaintiff’s claims

A plaintiff claim is a unique document that you are required to fill if you want to begin a lawsuit in Small Claims Court. It is usually issued if you have suffered loss because your legal rights were violated. It contains three sections, and a process server can handle it for you.


This is a written command to desist from acting in a certain way. Only legal authority issues it.

Statements of claim

This is also called the “originating process.” It is the document that sets a lawsuit in motion, and its equivalent is the Plaintiff’s Claim. The person you’re suing is named the defendant on this document.


This is the written document that orders a person to appear before a judge.


This is similar to a summons, but instead of being served to the defendant, you can serve a subpoena to a witness. It must also be appropriately served.

Divorce documents

Process servers also handle divorce documents that are filed by a spouse who wants a divorce.


Our Vancouver Process Serving services includes and not limited to:


Process serving


The serving of the process helps you notify a person about their involvement in a lawsuit.


Skip tracing


It is a process that helps you find someone whose location is unknown or trying to avoid being served.


Court filing


Filing essential documents in the court according to legal procedures.

All Vancouver process serving procedures must follow ethics and the law. Find Vancouver process servers near you and finish up that lawsuit without a hassle.


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