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What is skip tracing in Toronto?


Perhaps this might be your first time hearing the term “Skip Tracing”. The term “Skip” was derived from the concept or expression “to skip town”, and the term “Trace” refers to the act of finding or searching for something or someone.

When put together “Skip Tracing” is a tactic used by anyone to locate a person, people or company whose whereabouts or contact information is not immediately known.

Do not confuse Skip tracing is not unlike detective work, as it involves scouring databases, understanding where and how to search for information, and following up on leads. Skip tracing professionals conduct interviews, engage in surveillance activities, and assess information about their subject.


What is a skip tracer?

skip tracers


A skip tracer is someone who makes effort (either by collecting, analyzing or verifying information) in other to locate a person, people or company whose whereabouts is not known.

Do not confuse the work of a Skip Tracer with that of a Detective. A Skip Tracer scour databases to know the whereabouts of a person and follow up on leads. They also conduct interviews, engage in surveillance investigation, and access information about a subject.


6 Professionals, who use skip tracing services  in Toronto?


A number of industry professionals perform, skip tracing, however, I will only mention 6 professionals who mostly utilize skip tracing in their field of work. They are given as follows:

  • Private Investigators
  • Debt or Collection Agencies
  • Process Servers
  • Journalist
  • Police Detectives
  • Repossession Agents


4 types of people who often require skip tracing services?


  • Lawyers
  • Firms or Corporations
  • Friends and family members
  • Debt Collectors




It is very common to find lawyers requiring the service of a skip tracer. Obviously because of their nature of work (which mostly deal with legal matters). Individuals who are involved in a legal case may intentionally go into hiding or change address to avoid getting served legal documents, detained or jailed.

For these reasons, lawyers will need to find the whereabouts of these individuals — thus, why hiring a skip tracer becomes necessary. The following are popular cases where skip tracing services are required:

  1. To locate a runaway debtor
  2. To find a trial witness
  3. To find individuals who are avoiding to pay child support
  4. To locate absconded ex-spouse involved in a court case
  5. Finding missing persons
  6. A runaway partner/spouse


Firms and Corporation


Firms and corporation may want to know the whereabouts of a former employee who has embezzled or stolen money from the company. Thus, they will hire the service of a Private Investigator or Skip Tracer to find such individuals.


Friends and family members 


When a friend or family member is declared missing in Canada. Close friends and relatives who are seriously concerned for the safety and welfare of the “missing person” may hire a private investigator or skip tracer to locate the missing person due to the wait time before the police start an investigation.

There are many missing case file in the queue according to Canadian missing person database, which has profiles of children, adults who have gone missing since the 90s for unknown reasons.


Debt collectors


This by far the most popular scenario where someone would intentionally disappear. In Canada, loans, mortgages, credits are encouraged and for these reasons, many people find themselves owing a huge amount of debt which they can’t afford to pay.  Another scenario is when a business owner enters into a contract but can’t fulfill the terms within the contract, thus, becomes a debtor.

In these types of scenarios, people are bound to flee the city or country to avoid legal action, repossession, or debt collection.

With that being said, debt collection agencies hire skip tracing providers to find the location of people who have been proven to be absconding debtors.

  1. Runaway clients owing money to a business
  2. Paid contractors who have absconded without completing the project
  3. Tenants who vacate their tenancy without landlord’s notice
  4. Former employees who run away with company’s assets or funds
  5. Landlords who have sold their property and left the city or country without telling their tenants


What information required for skip tracing?


skip tracer toronto


The information required in other to perform skip tracing efficiently varies from individual to individual, Investigator to investigator. Normally, many skip traces or private investigators will require the following information :

  1. First and last name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Last known address (residence or business)
  4. Telephone numbers, emails, social media accounts
  5. Employment history or last known employment
  6. Other known information such as Social Security Number (SIN), ex-spouse, family relatives friends, a favorite hangout


How do skip tracers carry out skip tracing in GTA?


Skip tracers often make use of the following online search tools, databases and sources in other to track down a person, people, and their properties :


Via human sources



Friends, family members or relatives, business associates, or even neighbors may have information as to the whereabouts of the subject. Sometimes these group of people may not want to disclose the information due to legal problems (some people just don’t want to deal with the law).

Fraternal Associations

If the subject is a member of a fraternal association, they may still be in touch or partake in the association activities, meetings, etc. Perhaps due to their commitment or pledge.

Certifications or licenses

You may gather information from their certifying agencies. Although, it depends on whether or not the subject still wants to continue renewing their licenses or certifications


The people the subjects have lived with in the past might be another place to look. Some people will still be in communication with their former roommates or may even be living with them.

Directory assistance

You may contact directory assistance and inquire if there are other phone numbers in the area within the same last name of the subjects.

Courthouse records

You can find information about the subject in the city or municipal courthouses. They can help you in conducting lawsuit research

Air travel history records

You may find information about the subject’s whereabouts from Canada Border Services Agency. Just like Credit Report, this service can only be accessible by certain people.


Via Tools


Internet Search engines

You may enter the name of the subject in quotes into any search engine to see if you can find any information about the subject i.e. last tweets, last Facebook post, last image uploaded, etc. In this era of social media, you may be surprised to find vital information that may lead you to the subject.

Caller ID bait

A letter can be sent to all the addresses that the person has lived or stayed. You may leave your phone number in the letter and indicate how important it is for the subject to contact you. If the subject calls the number, you can do a reverse phone search using the caller ID in other to reveal the subject’s current address.

Driver’s abstracts, vehicle registration

You can get registration information for vehicles and boat powers from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). The information usually contains the address of the owner, though the address may not have been updated by the subject. You may also find these pieces of information in the driver’s abstract.

Phone databases

You can use online and printed phone databases/directories to find the phone number and address information about the subject, although the printed phone databases may not work for mobile phones.

Voters information

Most Canadians (at least 18 years old) who are found eligible to vote are registered in the National Register of Electors. You may find information relating to the subject (if Canadian citizen) such as names, birth dates, and addresses.

Criminal background checks

Conducting a criminal background search may reveal information about the subject i.e. whether they are on parole or incarcerated

Change of address

You may send an empty envelope to the last known address of the subject, placing a stamp on the outside that says: Please Don’t Forward – Address Correction Requested. If you are lucky the postal service will return back the envelope with a label that contains the forwarding address of the subject.

Public record databases

You can run a search on public record databases such as Library and Archives Canada to find information about the subject’s addresses, names, etc.

Credit reports

You can contact credit report agencies to get information about the subject. Although, in Canada, only certain people can access your credit report, as the Consumer Report Act protects the rights of the subjects in this case.

Tax information

If you have permission to access the subject’s tax records. You can contact Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to get information about the subject


See the video below for suggested advance skip tracing techniques



How much does a skip trace cost?


Skip tracing services varies from company to company. There is no fixed amount or standard rate for Skip Tracing. Some company charge per hour and others charge based on a flat rate.

The process of trying to locate a person, people or company whereabouts can be daunting and may take as long as a week to complete In some cases, it may take months, years, but of course, most clients will opt out of the contract if it exceeds a month.

You may expect to pay for skip tracing service anywhere between $112-$350 for a base skip, to $500-$1,200 for advance skip trace. Please, note that a rush service fee may apply if the project is expected to be completed within (3-5 days) rush search (usually completed in less than 5 business days).

Ensure that the Skip Tracer or Private Investigator itemize the service delivery in the contract agreement — to avoid confusions or arguments later on. Also, ask if the Skip Tracing service is on a “No Find, No Fee” or “Flat-Rate” bases. The No Find, No Fee base rate doesn’t mean you are getting the services for free (you can be charged administration fees).


Our Skip Tracing Rates | Skip Tracer Toronto


If you are a member of the general public requiring a Skip Tracing service. You will be required to further demonstrate what you need the skip tracing service for.

Only insurance companies and lawyers are exempted from this. In any case, see how rates below.



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