• Process Serving

    Need to serve a legal document?

    We offer a fast and convenient process serving service at a competitive rate.

    We understand the importance of handling legal documents as such, we ensure professionalism when we carry out process serving.

    What is process serving, who needs process serving and why do you need a process server?

  • Court Issuing and Filing

    Need help filing and issuing documents to court on your behalf?

    Process Server Toronto has been offering legal support services for many years. We have wealth of experience in this field.

    We are well acquainted with the details associated with legal dealings, submissions, and guidelines.

    What is Court issuing and filing, why is it necessary and why use us?

  • Lawsuit Research

    Need information on cases involving an individual or company?

    Process Server Toronto can help you effectively do this by conducting searches in the jurisdiction of the individual or company.

    Our team of research experts will provide real-time updates to you all through the research process.

    What is lawsuit research, why do you need it?

  • Skip Tracing

    We can help you in locating anyone in Toronto, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Mississauga, Ajax, Hamilton or Canada? Our industry-leading Skip Tracing Services will provide you with the best and most up to date information about your subject.


We have more than five years of experience up our sleeves

  • Process Serving
    85 Percent
  • Court Filing
    80 Percent
  • Lawsuit Research
    90 Percent
  • Acquisition
    78 Percent
  • Record Search
    87 Percent
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