A Process Server is someone who give legal notice to an intended recipient, requiring his or her presence  before a tribunal or court on a specific date and time.

Process servers usually present the party (usually a defendant) with court documents such as Statements of Claim, Summons, Subpoenas, Writs, affidavits etc.


What do Process Servers Do?


Process servers take care of tasks such as court filing, document retrieval, and serving of legal documents. The major job of a process server is to serve legal documents to an individual involved in a court case.

They also have to deliver evidence which is in form of a proof of service or affidavit of service that the legal documents have been served.

This affidavit of service needs to be notarized and delivered to the company or individual that needed the papers to be served.

Process servers are required legally to serve papers in the manner set out by their jurisdiction as the serving laws in different, provinces are not the same.


Significance of Process Serving


Process servers are needed for a variety of reasons with the major one being to ensure the due process of law is carried out. They are also necessary because they make sure that legal papers are effectively and appropriately served. If process servers don’t serve the documents properly, it would not be able to be used in court and may cause the entire case to be thrown out.

This is why a process server is significant as they are aware of the laws pertaining to process serving.


Why hire us?



At Process Server Toronto, we offer a fast and convenient process serving service at a competitive rate because we understand the importance of handling legal documents professionally. We have a reliable team of process servers and expert case managers you can trust for all your process serving and legal document delivery needs.

Our case managers research and manage your document and utilize resources to locate problematic individuals before attempting process service. Our team of process servers serves documents associated with Small Claims Court, Civil Court, Family Court, Criminal Court, and other types of subpoenas and claims.

At Process Server Toronto, we pride ourselves on our capability to complete process serving of legal documents in a well-timed fashion.

Our team is trained to pay proper attention to the unique needs of clients during process serving and legal document delivery. We will fulfill the suitable affidavit of service according to the Guidelines of Civil Procedure in Ontario as well as all other relevant statutes relating to the process serving of the court document.  


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