Ottawa Process Server. If you just filed small claims, a lawsuit or a simple divorce in Ottawa and are looking for an Ottawa process server to serve your legal document upon the individual, business, company or organization, you have come to the right place. 


Why you need a Process Server In Ottawa


By serving a party with small claims or statements of claim, simple divorce, etc., you’re giving them notice that you have commenced a proceeding against them. They are required by law to respond to your proceeding before a court or tribunal. If they don’t respond, the court might award default judgment in your favor (in case you served small claims.) See FAQ


Judicial Process


If you’ve ever encountered the judicial system in Ottawa, you’ll already be familiar with the bureaucratic steps that follow every decision. Without knowledge of the rules of serving legal documents in Ontario, you can quickly find yourself without any sense of guidance. That’s the whole point of hiring an Ottawa Process Server – our job is to deliver legal notices to a party or their legal representatives to a proceeding.

The service of process is a procedure that is carried out according to provincial laws. How the service is delivered can vary depending on the document type and even the court’s rules in charge of the legal actions. For example, these rules apply to Ontario’s guidelines and must be adhered to for small claims.


Types of documents we serve


There are many types of legal documents that can be served upon a defendant and respondent. As mentioned earlier, a process server can assist in serving your family law document, especially when there are high tensions between the parties. Issues like child support, divorce papers, child custody and visitations are first communicated through a process server. This saves time for both parties as they can avoid bickering over unnecessary information.

We also serve small claims documents and statement of claim.


Professional process servers


In Canada, no licensing body dictates how an individual can become a process server. However, all process servers must adhere to the legislation of various provinces.

In Ottawa, there are specific acceptable methods of service, i.e., personal service, an alternative to personal service, and substituted service. 


What You Should Know Before Hiring an Ottawa Process Server


Although most people will only ever be in contact with a Process Server through their lawyers’ recommendation, most individuals might occasionally need to hire one by looking up Google.

Once you hire one, you should ask some important questions to know if they are the right fit. You should find out the following:


  • Turnaround time
  • Rates per attempt 
  • Method of service
  • Whether an affidavit of service will be provided
  • Steps taken to serve the documents
  • Number of attempts
  • Whether skip tracing is offered



Our rates for serving legal documents

We charge between $100 to $300 for serving legal documents in Ottawa. This fee includes mileage, affidavit of service, copies, and postage. If you want your affidavit of service notarized, there is a $50 charge for a notary. More so, there is a $50 charge for RUSH service (Same day or Next day service.)

It is important to note that the fee changes if the address for service is on the outskirts of Ottawa.

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