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Oakville Court Paper Server. Are you looking to serve legal documents against someone or are you looking to file a legal document in the Courthouse? If yes, you are in the right place. Our Professional Process Servers are always ready to provide a seamless experience for you.

Hiring a legal service in the city of Oakville is unavoidable, especially if you need to take legal action against a person or company. 


Town of Oakville


The town of Oakville is a southern Ontario town located in the Halton Region on Lake Ontario halfway between Hamilton and Toronto. It also shares borders with Mississauga. It is the largest town in Ontario with a population of 193,832 according to 2016 census. This town is a part of the most densely populated areas in Canada – the Greater Toronto area

Oakville is home to a lot of sports such as Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Golf, Skating, Canoeing, and Baseball. The main governing body of this town is the Oakville Town Council which consists of a mayor and fourteen councilors. The town is divided into seven wards, with two elected councilors for each department. 

The mayor Rob Burton was elected in 2006 and has been re-elected as mayor for three consecutive times since then. The Toronto Star editorial board called him “among the best mayors in the Greater Toronto Area.”


Geography and Climate


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Oakville covers 138.89 square kilometers of land with a population density of 1,314.2 square kilometers. Toronto binds this town which is on the shores of Lake Ontario on one side and Hamilton on the other. 


Oakville Court Paper Server


Oakville Court House


There is no courthouse yet in the town of Oakville. Residents of Oakville will have to go to the courthouses in the neighboring towns (i.e Brampton and Toronto courthouses) for the processing and prosecution of charges. However, Ontario is investing in a new courthouse in Oakville to serve the needs of the residents in the Halton region. 

The Halton Region Consolidated Courthouse will be located by the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, 3rd Line and Dundas Street. The courthouse facility will have 21 courtrooms to offer a broad range of services from justice, social, victim, and family.


Access Daily Court List in Oakville


If you need to find out more about court appearances coming up in Oakville and its environs, you can access it here. Hire an Oakville legal process service agency if you need help filing and serving a legal document. 


Find an Oakville Process Server


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To find an experienced Process server in the town of Oakville can be challenging. There have been situations where cases have been lost as a result of court document mishandling. This is why it is crucial to hire skilled Process Servers to handle the serving and filing of your legal documents on your behalf. 


Serving Legal Documents


There are Process Serving rules that do not allow individuals involved with the legal case to serve legal documents by themselves. This means that you can only use a third party — (someone who has no involvement with the legal proceedings ) to serve your legal documents.

In Canada, anyone above the age of 18 without any connection with the legal action can serve legal documents on your behalf. It is, however, best to seek the help of a professional legal process server to ensure that the service is done correctly and skillfully. 


After the legal document is  served


Once the legal documents have been served on the respondents (individual or company), it is mandatory for the process server to fill out the right Affidavit of Service (AOS) form. This affidavit of service form will serve as proof that the legal documents have been served on the respondent (s). 


Court filing in Oakville


After filling out the affidavit of service form, the next step is to take it to the Courthouse that issued out the court papers and “file” it there.

The Process Server must affirm the AOS in front of a commissioner for taking affidavits before filing the affidavit of service form. You can do the filing of the Affidavit of Service form if you choose to.


Process Servers in Oakville Service Rate



Are you in need of legal process service in the town of Oakville? We offer a range of service to fit any legal matter you may need. 

Our rate for a professional Process Serving and Court Filing service in Oakville are given as follows:

Process Serving: $ 40

Court Filing: $30