London Process Serving has its procedures, and we at Process Serving Ontario are always happy to help you complete essential legal processes.

Process serving continues to be an important initial part of a lawsuit. If you’re suing someone, the law requires that you notify them and allow them to come to court to fight the case. That’s where process serving comes in. Process serving helps make sure that this step is satisfied, and then it’s left to the defendant to show up and set things right.


London Process Servers


A process server is a trained individual that handles this for you. As the person who is suing, you shouldn’t have to serve the papers yourself. Also, you risk breaking laws when you use an untrained person to serve the papers because the dynamics may be different from what you expect.

What you think will be a simple case of serving some legal documents to a person can get complicated when the defendant refuses to be served, evade or even hides his location. You need professional process servers in that type of situations, ion other to get things done appropriately.


What kinds of papers do we serve?


We serve summons, writs, divorce papers, subpoenas, small claims, and every other type of legal document that you need to serve in London or outside London Ontario.

We handle any legal document that you need to serve a person at competitive and reasonable prices, the best the best London process serving fees all over London. We are reliable, efficient, and good at what we do. See other Process Serving FAQs.


Our Services at a Glance


We have licensed private investigators and professional process servers to deliver quality services to you as soon as you hire us. Here’s a list of the services we render.


Process Serving in London


We will serve the documents as required by the law to the defendant and notify them of the lawsuit.


Skip Tracing


If required, we have the legal permission to find the respondent’s location and serve them the papers no matter how much they attempt to be evasive. Start your Skip Trace Order from here


Court Filing


We also handle court filing according to legal procedures.


Why do you need a process server?


There are many beneficial reasons for hiring a our London process servers.

  • Proceed legally

The law can be very touchy. Make use of a process server to proceed legally and avoid violating any laws.

  • Use a PI if the need arises.

If the defendant is avoiding your lawsuit, you’d need a skip tracer or private investigator to come up. Some process servers can also perform the work of a PI; no other person without a recognized license is allowed to do this.

  • Focus on other things.

When you hire our process servers, you can put your mind and energy into achieving other vital things. As a lawyer or even a person without a legal license, you’d have other things on your plate, and you can use the services of a process server in making your work faster and easier.


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