Acquisition of court and public records involve searching, requisitioning and copying all the file contents in any jurisdiction in the country. It also involves searching for civil, archived, federal, and bankruptcy actions to help in court filing, getting court endorsement and researching motion and court proceeding information.

This process also involves locating misplaced and missing filed that are difficult to locate and have been lost for a long period of time.

It also involves copying endorsements and pleading from the different level files of the judicial system. Requesting for copy of court documents with regards to a merger can also be carried out.


How to access public records


Accessing public records can be done both online and traditionally. All that is needed is — basic information about the individual or company in other to make the search easier. When researching through public records, it is important to know the privacy laws for the jurisdiction, to ensure that you are not breaking any laws during the process.

There are a lot of online court and public record databases which make it easy to search for public record like business name, real estate, driver’s license, etc.


Court Record Acquisition and Public Record Searches

Process Server Toronto can help you locate court files such as Civil, Class Action, Federal, and Bankruptcy files in any jurisdiction across the country.

Our team of experts are ready to provide you with any endorsements, copy pleadings, decisions and other documents you might need. Depending on the medium you choose, we will send you electronic or paper copies of the file.

We know how complicated sorting through public records can be for inexperienced individuals. We at Process Server Toronto have a team of experienced researchers that can help you perform these tedious tasks. We can assist you with public record searches such as:

  • Real Estate
  • Business Names
  • Business Status Compliance
  • Corporate Names

We can also help you get copies of charter filings like Annual Returns, Change Notices, Articles of Incorporation, Amalgamation, and others.

We will send you an electronic copy of the search results, or more aptly, you can choose a delivery method that best suits you.


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