What is court filing?


Simply put, Filing is the act of submitting a document to the clerk of a court in other for the court to take action either for consideration or storage purposes.


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Method of filing


Filing can be done by simply visiting a court clerk at a court counter and submit the document to him or her.

For every document you file, the court clerk inspects (checks and confirms the case number, name, etc). Furthermore, the court clerk checks the document to ensure that it complies with the court’s rules on how legal documents should be formatted.

Once the documents is validated, the court clerk stamps the document. One copy is kept for the court’s use one copy is given to the filer for his or her own use. 


Process Server Toronto


Process Server Toronto, we have been in the legal service industry for quite some time, and we are acquainted with the details associated with legal dealings, submissions, lawsuits and guidelines.

Need help filing and issuing documents to the court on your behalf? We will be more than happy to help.

Our team of experts are reliable, effective, and time-sensitive; they approach every service with professionalism.

We are willing to file court documents of any volume on your behalf. We can help to file a variety of court documents like Civil Applications, Judgments, Notice of Motions, Orders, and others to different court levels such as Court of Appeal, Superior Court, Estates Court, Small Claims Courts, and Federal Courts.

At Process Server Toronto, we review all filings against the Formatting, filing fees and required time rules of civil procedure to ensure compliance. 

We offer a competitive pricing structure which is under all the services we provide.


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