Calgary Process Serving. When it comes to process serving, the law is clear. To whomever you’re issuing a lawsuit, you must let the person know what’s about the court case against them. It’s just as simple as that.

Process serving is the process you take to fulfill that requirement. It involves sending legal documents that contain information about the case through the help of a professional process server. The process server delivers these to the person you’re trying to sue, and the case begins.

It’s not always that straightforward, though. Sometimes there are hitches on the way. And that’s why you need to talk to a professional process server from the very beginning.


Calgary Process Serving


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What are the responsibilities of a process server?


A process server can do the following, depending on which of the services you require. It is expected that a process server is organized and excellent at communication so that they can do their job effectively.


Document handling

A process server can handle your legal documents and put you through on some critical steps you need to complete to get a lawsuit started.

Process serving

This is the leading service that a process server renders. A process server finds the defendant and serves the papers to them within the time range that you specify.

Skip tracing

If the defendant’s location is unknown, a process server can help you find out. Please, Note – No one without a legal license is permitted to do the work of a PI. Need to find a respondent? Start Here


What documents does a Process Server Handle?


A process server can handle different legal documents. Some of them are:

Divorce papers: the legal document that a spouse requires to ask for a divorce.

Writ: A written decree from the court to warn an individual about acting in a particular way.

Plaintiff’s Claim: This is the first document you’re required to fill when filing a lawsuit. It sets everything in motion.

Subpoena: This is a written summon from the court to produce evidence supporting or disagrees with a case.


Special Rules in Calgary as regards Process Serving


In Calgary, process serving follows similar rules as those of its immediate environs. The documents must be served within a year at most from when the lawsuit begins. Also, process servers in Calgary are to comply with the rules when they go to the residences of the defendant. They are not to leave legal documents with anyone under 18 years.

They’re also not allowed to leave documents pasted at the door. They are allowed to ask neighbors, friends, employers, and family members about their location. Still, they’re not permitted to carry out the work of a private investigator except they’re also licensed. We are the best Calgary Process Serving agency, our services speak for itself.


Costs of Process Serving in Calgary


For three attempts to complete the serving process, it’ll cost you $200 or a bit more. If you have to serve the documents urgently, you’d be required to pay an additional fee, especially if it’s on the weekend. See more frequently asked questions regarding Process Serving


After three attempts


What are the alternatives to process serving? Many times, a defendant tries to hide from the law. In this case, a process server or PI tries to uncover the actual location of the person.

If this is not achieved after several attempts, the process server will let you know. You will have to return to the court and request an order of substitutional service. The court has the power to proceed with the lawsuit, even if the defendant refuses to be served.


How we work


Calgary Process Serving, we understand that the work of a process server is somewhat dangerous. People are caught in more emotional and psychological problems now than before. All these make them liable to react in unprecedented ways when a process server approaches them.

A process server can, thus, sometimes face life-threatening situations on the job. There are legal provisions in place to protect servers when they run into problems such as these. Hence, why we advise and highly recommend you to hire a professional process server such as our Calgary process Serving agency. We do not just take the burden off you; we also make sure that things go smoothly – to ensure your documents are served.

Having a professional handle your work always turns out better than doing it yourself. Whether you want to serve a person, a corporation, or any other in Calgary, it’s advisable to use a process server. You’re assured that your interest will be protected.


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