about process server toronto


Process Server Toronto is a “Process Serving Specific Website” operated by PI. OWLS & CYBERIGINALS, to provide a variety of services such as serving legal documents ( Divorce Papers, Small Claims, Subpoenas, Summonses, etc) On behalf of our esteemed clients — Individuals, banks, law firms, advocates, government organizations, trust corporations, private businesses, and crown establishments. We also to provide Skip Tracing services.

With our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Process Server Toronto’s skilled professionals provide quality services across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Our professional services also extend to, Skip tracing, Court filing, Public Record Searches, Court Record Searches, Legalization, and Document Retrieval.


Our Mission

With a substantial amount of experience in Process Serving, our primary objective is to provide the maximum customer service and quality wide-ranging legal support to our clients. We have established an extensive and trusted network of agents that ensure our service delivery is effective and reliable.